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With its streamlined design, the Zebrano candle embodies the essence of quiet luxury, its clean lines and graceful silhouette exuding a serene opulence that whispers rather than shouts. Over two painstaking years of design and production have culminated in this exclusive creation, a candle that transcends its primary purpose to illuminate, becoming instead an art piece that proudly stands next to the most sophisticated of decors, as demonstrated beside an elegant chair in the provided image.

Finished with a lustrous lacquer, the candle gleams with a wealthy shine, its glossy surface reflecting both light and the pinnacle of craftsmanship. At its heart, a removable tray provides both practicality and longevity, allowing for the replacement and replenishment of the candle within. The cylindrical candle itself is a testament to aesthetic allure, designed to be both seen and felt as a presence in any room.

Wax Weight: 39 oz/1200 g

Vessel Size: 14" x 8"
Burn Time: 220 - 240