The Queen's People

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The British monarchy’s rich and storied heritage has been preserved for centuries, and The Queen’s People, made with Royal Household approval, presents a magnificent collection of photography that brings Queen Elizabeth II and important members of Her Majesty’s court to life as rarely seen before. Featuring forty-two unique portraits by prominent British photographer Hugo Rittson Thomas, this hand-bound limited-edition volume captures the pageantry of the Royal Court’s intricate ceremonial dress and regalia, and highlights the pride each individual takes in serving his or her nation and sovereign. A historical essay by the Garter Principal King of Arms completes this grand tome.
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  • 144 pages
  • 100 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in June 2016
  • W 15.55 x L 18.58 x D 3.18 in
  • Hand-Bound limited edition in a luxury clamshell case
  • 17.0 lb