The Art of Manufacture: Alain Ducasse

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Discover the artistry that begins with a craftsman's hand—be it a roaster, chocolatier, ice-cream maker, or pastry chef. It's a delicate, beautiful gesture that embodies the philosophy of "À l’origine, le goût" or "Taste, from inception."

Since Chef Alain Ducasse's first Manufacture opened in 2013, he has breathed new life into artisanal techniques and exceptional craftsmanship dating back to the nineteenth century. His mission? To create the world's finest products. Embracing raw ingredients and artisanal creation, Chef Ducasse's Manufactures adhere to a simple principle: the pursuit of the highest quality and a distinctive taste.

Whether it's crafting chocolate, coffee, gelato, or biscuits, control and mastery are ever-present. The Manufactures prioritize quality over quantity, blending craftsmanship with carefully selected ingredients. Here, machinery and gesture come together to elevate tradition into a contemporary masterpiece.

This volume offers an exclusive look behind the scenes of each Parisian Manufacture—Le Chocolat, Le Café, La Glace, and Le Biscuit. Illustrated with exclusive imagery by Laziz Hamani, it immerses readers in the remarkable process of creating some of today's most coveted delicacies. Enriched by insights from each Manufacture's chef, The Art of Manufacture: Alain Ducasse is a testament to the unique beauty and refinement that French craftsmanship represents. Explore it today and savor the essence of culinary excellence.


  • 300 pages
  • 200 illustrations
  • English language
  • Released in October 2023
  • W 10.2 x L 13 x D 1.5 in
  • Hardcover
  • 5.9 lbs.