Romance on the Lake

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Art inspires art. That is the case of this composition which borrows its reference from the work of Sorolla, the celebrated impressionist known as the "painter of light". Born in the coastal city of Valencia, Spain, this painter of genre scenes, seascapes and landscapes made a name thanks to the intensity of light in his work and his ability to capture sunlight and shadows. This is the Sorolla, whose 160th birthday is being celebrated, that inspired this scene of a couple on a romantic boat ride. This creation is a good example of sculptural composition and ornamental wealth. Worth highlighting is the meticulous bas relief handwork to recreate the embroidery of the lady’s dress and shawl, the patterns on her parasol and the etchings on the boat, conveying so well the grain and texture of wood. A creation dominated by white, the color so closely associated with the work of Sorolla, pastel tones and the flowers, handmade petal by petal.

Height (in): 12.205
Width (in): 22.835
Length (in): 9.449