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As the newest brand under Kering’s umbrella, Qeelin brings China’s alluring history and contemporary culture to the world’s stage. Created by founder Dennis Chan, Qeelin offers a modern interpretation of Chinese history through a jewelry lens. The pieces are endlessly fun, playful, and distinctly full of Chinese sensibility, with various collections drawing inspiration from China’s rich cultural heritage. Qeelin’s first piece was the Wulu, inspired by the Chinese wu lou—a simple gourd that is inexpensive and widely available in China, and serves as a traditional symbol of good luck and happiness. From there, Qeelin expanded to include collections like the Bo Bo, a playful and fun-loving panda whose outfits interchange to match the wearer’s mood, and the Yu Yi (Chinese for “dreams come true”) that is inspired by ancient-Chinese traditional ornaments and protective talisman. But no matter the collection, chi is expressed throughout. This book brings together a rich tapestry of Qeelin’s visual landscape, as expressed through sketches, drawings and images of the brand’s most iconic pieces.



  • W 11 x L 14 x D 1.4 in
  • Handcrafted linen volume in a silk clamshell case


  • 240 pages
  • over 100 illustrations
  • English language