Lucie Kaas

Frida Kokeshi Doll

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Life reflects art

Known for her bold, eccentric paintings and her trademark unibrow, Frida Kahlo was and continues to be a world-renowed painter, sculpter, and passionate activist. The Frida Kokeshi Doll from Lucie Kaas captures her unique beauty and eccentricities and is the perfect gift for any artist or historian in your life. Crafted from superba and alder wood, this doll is handpainted so some imperfections may appear, but this is not a defect, and rather a feature making every doll unique. Perfect to add to your collection or display on a shelf, this doll is sure to bring beauty and wonder to your home.

Why We Love It:

  • Frida Kahlo was a legendary painter and artistic icon
  • This doll is handmade and brings an elevated touch to your collection


  • Available in two sizes
Designed by
  • Becky Kemp
Care instructions

The kokeshi dolls are hand-painted. Slight imperfections may be present which are typical of handmade work. These are not defects but features that make every doll unique.