Lucie Kaas

Dot Kokeshi Doll

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Your contemporary legend

Characterized by her iconic red bob, the Dot Kokeshi Doll from Lucie Kaas depicts Japanese contemporary artist and sculpter Yayoi Kusama. Known for her conceptual art surrounding feminism, minimalis, and surrealism, she is most well-known for her use of brightly colored polka dots to create abstract patterns. Her pieces are on display in famous museums and art exhibits world-wide and she has collaborated with top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot, and Uniqlo. Crafted from superba wood and hand-painted, this doll makes an excellent gift for a art-fanatic or fashion lover in your life.

Why We Love It:

  • Yayoi Kusama is a world-renowned contemporary artist known for her conceptual art and use of brightly colored polka dots
  • Doll is hand-painted meaning imperfections may be present, making each doll unique


  • Exuberance Environmental Protection Paint
  • Available in two sizes
Designed by
  • Becky Kemp
Care instructions

The kokeshi dolls are hand-painted.
Slight imperfections may be present which are typical of handmade work.
These are not defects but features that make every doll unique.