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COLUNA Kiddush Cup: Carrara Silver

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The Coluna Kiddush cup is for people who love modern design, and tradition. Crafted from Italian Carrara Marble and Nickel-plated metal, the kiddush cup was designed to be passed from generation to generation, bringing light and joy to Shabbat and holidays. We obsessed over every detail, from determining the correct volume of the cup (derived from the Shulchan Aruch, which specifies that a kiddush cup must hold at least a revi'it - 3-5 ounces - ours is over 6), to the precise diameter of the plate beneath, so no wine spills on the table.

  • 4"x4"x5" H
  • Italian Carrara Marble and Nickel Plate
  • Wipe with clean soft cloth
  • Imported